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Bartenbach Paints was founded in 1880 by George Bartenbach with the help of his son, Henry J. Bartenbach. Five generations later we are the oldest established business in Grand Island, NE. What started out as a paint, wallpaper, and glass store, has now transcended into a commercial and residential art consulting firm.

In the 1970’s as George D. Bartenbach, the 5th generation of Bartenbachs, was attending college in interior design; his father Henry started custom framing as a side business in the back room of the paint store. When George and Marla Bartenbach moved back to Grand Island George practiced interior design in the family business but his interest was always with the artwork.

A design job is never complete without the art. It is the finishing touch that makes the total package complete and personal.  George loves working with customers to help them recognize the feel and style they want.  Then it is just a matter of balancing the colors and space.

< the bartenbach building as it stands today, 2009.

Bartenbach Galleries neon sign at 209 north locust st.
Bartenbach Opera house book by Jane Cunningham and Stuhr Museum
Bartenbach Opera house as it stood in 1890

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